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  • Established in 1998, Daimler Fleet Management¬† has been managing a diversity of South African fleets for over a decade, confirming itself as a key player in the industry. Daimler Fleet Management is an empowered subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, the largest financier of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in South Africa.

    Internationally, Daimler Fleet Management forms part of the globally recognised Daimler Group based in Germany. The Daimler Group is the proud manufacturer of brands such as Mercedes-Benz and comprises of Daimler Financial Services and Daimler Fleet Management.

    Locally, Daimler Fleet Management successfully manages over 170 000 vehicles and efficiently runs more than 10 000 Full Maintenance Lease contracts. With Area Offices in all nine provinces, you are assured of having partnered with the right fleet management company.

    At Daimler Fleet Management we innovate to resolve fleet management problems before they present themselves.  We understand the importance of accurate fleet management reporting, extra ordinary customer service and together with world class processes; we are able to deliver a seamless mobility solution for your business. 

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