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Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management


    Daimler Fleet Management also has tailor-made fleet management solutions for truck operators so that they too can get the best out of their fleet. 


    1. Mercedes-Benz CharterWay 

    CharterWay is a flexible mobility solution that promises to get the most out of your fleet. The CharterWay service offering starts with a basic service only contract (CharterWay Service BestBasic) and ends with a lease and maintenance offering (CharterWay Maintenance Leasing Complete).

    The top of the range product includes full leasing, maintenance and repair on your Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. As an operator you will benefit from the enhanced cash flow in your business due to the fact that no deposit is required up-front and that there will be no unforeseen costs in terms of the daily maintenance of your vehicles. Flexible contract terms, ranging from 24 to 60 months, are offered.


    With CharterWay your biggest concern is driving your truck while we worry about the maintenance and servicing of your truck for you.  CharterWay also includes other comprehensive services which you can select from. 


    1. Fleetboard 

    An all-in-one package: to help high-performance trucks optimise their efficiency, Daimler FleetBoard offers market-leading standard equipment and telematics-supported Internet services at an international flat-rate charge. The company brings together many years of experience from the truck sector with IT and communications know-how under one roof. Since its implementation in 2000, FleetBoard has revolutionised approaches to managing commercial vehicle fleets. With information on vehicles, trips and tachographs instantly available for analysis or further processing, material planning and vehicle fleet management profit from product portfolios. All data can be easily integrated in existing haulage programs. Hardware is developed in line with automotive standards and complies with Mercedes-Benz guidelines for control units. Services are carried out, monitored and developed on a permanent basis at our own data centre by a team of experts. 


    Transport management   

    Efficient communication with the driver: order data is sent to the vehicle in real time and trips managed professionally. The co-ordinator has a complete overview of vehicles on a digital road map. This generates a significant increase in service quality for customers and the vehicle, and trip/order statuses are available at all times. 


    Vehicle management  

    Potential analyses addressing economic driving, wear data and operating fluid levels help to reduce consumption figures and wear rates for trucks. This is the basis for driver training measures. Information on upcoming maintenance seminars are sent to workshop and fleet managers in order to minimise downtime 


    Time management  

    All legal requirements regarding driving and rest times are met automatically. Driver card and mass storage files are recorded remotely and without a company card in the vehicle, which generates considerable documentation savings. The obligatory journey to headquarters is no longer necessary and the vehicle co-ordinator can plan to optimum effect on the basis of remaining driving times. 


       3.  BBBEE Finance Scheme 

    Daimler Fleet Management will provide financing to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and emerging truck operators on a Full Maintenance Lease basis (FML). The emerging truck operator can choose from the following list of services: 
      • Vehicle Selection 
      • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring 
      • Management Reporting 
      • Driver Training 
      • Driver Behaviour Management 
      • Fuel Fraud Management 

    Every vehicle finance offering has its terms and conditions and the BBBEE Finance Scheme conditions are as follows: 

      • The truck operator should have a direct contract from a Blue Chip Company 
      • The contract should clearly define the minimum volumes 
      • The contract should reflect viable rates 
      • The contract should be for a minimum 36 month period 
      • The truck operator should have a viable business plan 
      • Daimler Fleet Management will only finance a minimum of 2 vehicles 
      • The company must be at least 50% Black owned 
      • Only Daimler Fleet Management approved tracking devices will be used.  
      • For Bus Finance – the company must be in possession of a licenced route with the National Department of Transport and negotiated contracts 
      • The main contractor is not a broker