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Passenger Car Fleet Management 

  • At Daimler Fleet Management we believe in making it as easy as possible to manage your fleet.  By understanding your needs, we can identify products and services that will suite your needs. 


    1. Corporate Company Car Programme  


    Do you want uniformity, class and efficiency? Then choose our Corporate Company Car Programme. Not only do you get the latest vehicle from the Daimler stable, Daimler Fleet Management will brand the vehicles accordingly and the cars will be maintained under the Full Maintenance Lease product. Vehicle Tracking, Abuse Management, Utilisation Management, Roadside Assistance and Service Scheduling are some of the services included in the package. 


    Company Benefits 

    Employee Benefits 

    Full Maintenance Lease provides off-balance sheet funding which improves asset and gearing ratios.

    There is no capital outlay when entering into a Full Maintenance Lease contract. There is no depreciating asset on your balance sheet. 

    Authorisation and payment on maintenance and repairs are handled by Daimler Fleet Management. 

    The purchase and disposal of the vehicles is managed by Daimler Fleet Management.

    VAT input credits can be claimed on the maintenance costs on passenger vehicles. Able to attract talent by offering this fringe benefit. 
    Full Maintenance Leasing provides fixed cost motoring for the full duration of the contract.

    Daimler Fleet Management controls the full administration function for the leased vehicles. 

    Daimler Fleet Management fleet discounts are passed onto customers. Employees are able to change their vehicles every 36 months. 

    The option of purchasing the vehicle after 36 months is given to the driver or a third party.

    Variety of fleet services offered, that can free up valuable time which can be focused on core business. 



    2.  Ad-Hoc Rental  


     Daimler Fleet Management provides flexible back-up for your fleet by providing replacement or top-up vehicles. These top-up vehicles include luxury and chauffeur driven vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz stable. The Ad-Hoc Rental service is a one-way rental option and includes insurance. 

    Benefits of the Ad-Hoc Rental:  

    •  Quick access to a wide range of additional vehicles,
    • Ad-Hoc Rental vehicles are available for overseas travelers, 
    • Simple administrative procedures to reduce management time, and 
    • Access to special corporate rates.  

     3.  Luxury Fleet Solutions  


    Daimler Fleet Management will supply you with the ideal luxury fleet from their wide range of Mercedes-Benz products on Full Maintenance Lease (FML). We will arrange and provide the vehicle maintenance as well as vehicle tracking. Added benefits of the package include Abuse Management, Utilisation Management, Roadside Assistance and Service Scheduling.